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* Purpose Nothing(?)(-:
All about this homepage and Common Archivers Library. For both Developers and Users.
Please make use of this ML.
Now, There is almost Japanese Mail. But you can use both English and Japanese.

This ML is free of charge.

* How To Subscribe To subscribe to this Mailing List, send mail,and put string

subscribe archiver your_name@your_domain

in the message body.
After that,ML server send mail to you that you success to subscribe.

* How To Post To post message to ML, semd mail to

* How To Unsubscribe To unsubscribe from this ML,send mail and put the string

unsubscribe archiver

in message body. please send from subscribed mail address.

If you cannot unsubscribe,send mail toshoda.T.

* *Past ML Log* (Currently Not Available)

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